Shunt Systems

Shunt systems come in a variety of configurations

and models but they have similar functional


■ Valve Mechanisms – flow or differential

■ Fixed, programmable, or variable settings

■ Catheters

■ Ventricular (proximal)

■ Peritoneal/Atria (distal)

■ Accessories

■ Reservoirs, Siphon Devices

■ Connectors, Filters, Pumping Chambers




Shunt Components – Catheters

Distal Catheters

The distal tubing is made of silicone and
has got slit valves near the distal end with
close ended tube or open ended. Valves
function when open end gets blocked.


Ventricular Catheters

■ Placed in the ventricles to deliver CSF to the Valve or

Distal Catheter

■ Series of holes in the ventricular catheter allows CSF to enter the shunt system





■ Mechanism which helps regulate the ICP
by redirecting enough CSF distally. The
valve must provide the optimal balance of
CSF diversion, not under drain or over
drain the ventricles.

■ The valves are one way and have
operating pressure ranges or opening
pressure settings.


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