About Company



World Medical Technology is a medical company located in Istanbul. 
World Medical Technology is established to provide doctors, hospitals etc with high quality medical equipment and devices. Collaboration with leading manufacturers and developers is the main core of our successful activity approach which provides us ample opportunities for distribution all over the world.
We specialize in the development  and manufacturing of Cerebral Spinal Fluid shunts used in the treatment of hydrocephalus. Portfolio of the company includes Antibiotic-impregnated shunts (AIS) which have been shown to decrease post-operative rates of morbidity.
ARTCURE Diffusional Magnetic Patch presents an innovative unique product for the treatment of disk hernia.  This is a unique product which gained the attraction of pharmaceutical market and people all over the world.
We always looking for best quality for every service provided by World Medical Technology and for cooperation with manufacturers and distributors of medical devices and equipment all over the world.